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  Japanese born Sanae started her Journey in complementary health in 2003.

A ten year career in the fashion industry promoted a change of life style for Sanae.

Having worked in a high stress environment Sanae understands the pressures work  and life can put on a person.

Trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture at CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), Chinese Medicine has a long history for improving the body's ability to address many conditions.
Naturopathic Acupuncture is specifically designed to combine ancient Chinese principles with the needs of today’s society, to produce maximum health benefits for all. Not settling for getting rid of symptoms, the aim is to promote  true wellness and vitality.

Sanae’s special interest in Gynaecology-Female conditions has a very long history in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture, IFV support, menstrual problems, fertility, pregnancy and post-natal care.

Sanae practices a variety of massage therapy combined with eastern and western techniques. Having studied Craniosacral Therapy at CCST for integration Biodynamics and Biomechanics, engaging with the most profound inherent healing forces within the body with the deeper tides and rhythms of life, incorporating a wide range of further therapeutic resources, in order to enable the most effective therapeutic response.

Sanae has developed a special interest in working with mother and babies /children. She studied the effects of our earliest prenatal and birth experiences on our lives.
Craniosacral therapy is one such tool and is ideal for babies and children with the most gentle of touches.

The compressive forces experienced during birth as a result of the passage through the pelvis and the tight fit in the birth canal can cause imbalance in a baby's system, even in natural and apparently problem-free births.
Continuing her learnings in Bio-dynamic approach with a several therapies to expand both mechanical and dynamic ways to deepen skills to seek the connections of the balanced Health and stillness.

Incorporating this understanding into her work along side her other practises combine an integrated therapy.
An individual is seen as a whole with no separation between the physical body, mind and emotions. 


Sanae is a member of ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and CThA (Complementary Therapists Association).

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